Designed to Stay

You drove 8 hours,
Just to make me happy.
Moving with flowers,
Looking really snappy.

Even from a distance,
You are close.
Your existence,
Make me to run on toes.

Side by side
World seems fine.
Hey! my pride,
Your love is Divine.

The way you move,
Makes my day.
Not asking to prove.
I know,
You’re designed to stay.



Bright blue sky,
Soothing breeze.
You and I,
Around these trees.

Birds are here,
Along with leaves.
Look, hear,
It’s time to wear heart on sleeves.

Across the mountain,
On the side walk of sea.
Let’s witness the fountain,
Of love and glee.

Beauty of love without conditions,
Desires that swing.
You are the definition
Of my spring.


Wolves are hollowing at the peak,
Birds going total freak.
Is this reality or a dream?
I can sense some subtle screams.

Intense, destructive and cold breeze,
Is this city on the verge to freeze?
I may sound off, i may sound mad,
But this clime is, really bad.

In a blink of eye,
Earth started to cry,
Increasing it’s load,
Sky started to explode.

I am forced to run as the rain begun,
Hail stones are no more fun.
Its hard to breathe under such intense shower,
Nature never fails to prove its power!

Whole place is covered in white pebbles,
Weather really is, on another level.
I never wanted to witness hailstorm,
Maybe its safe inside the dorm.


Since forever,
I’m on my own.
World is cleaver,
Love here, is unknown.

Long ago,
I gave up on hope.
Your glow,
Is appealing,
Is dope.

Trying hard,
To keep my distance.
Seeing you in backyard,
Seems fate’s insistence.

Blowing wind,
Hearts on fire.
I’m losing my mind,
Bound through desire.


Sky is gray,
Everything dead and dry.
Losing my way,
Wind’s blowing high.

No leaves, no grass,
No beauty, no flowers.
Crystal-clear glass,
Everything is under
White shower.

Abandoning beautiful nests,
Birds flying away.
Avoiding guests,
Doing nothing all day.

Papers are Lifeless,
No ink left in printer.
Snow seems priceless,
Oh! It’s winter.

Pain is pain

Every time you’re hurt,
You keep coming,
Your heart,
is a heart,
Others have machines,
just running.

I’m sick of these guess games,
Haven’t you got any other to blame?
Please, stop these claims,
Your agony is a result of,
your own flames.

Kept pushing me,
Whenever I offered help.
Now, when you are drowning in sea,
You choose to Yelp?

I too, have a soul,
But you kept digging hole,
Stop roaming around,
comparing loss or gain.
Regardless of intensity,
pain is pain.


Everything I own, is falling apart.

Am I losing it or this universe is Smart?

Pain squeeze me tighter,

I hope my bones were lighter.

Have lived a life in fear,

Tell me, today is, unreal.

I wish, I had your clone.

It is possible to live on your own?

I accept, I’m brutal when hurt,

But love can never be curt.

Every tear is fresh and full of torture,

But I can’t withstand this moisture.

Wake me up, if you’re gonna come,

It’s hard to bear my senses and comfortable being numb.