Death’s poem

You shall see me,

Where these horizons meet.

Stay here, quite,

Please, have a seat.

To end your sufferings,

I have come a long way.

I promise to take your pain

Sorrows and all desires away.

You have served the sphere,

During these days.

You still are unaware,

Of world’s greatest ways.

Don’t strain, come,

Accept these vacations.

Oh, mortal!

I, indeed, am the final destination.

_ Death.



93 thoughts on “Death’s poem

  1. I wanted to say thank you very much for your invitation and then I read the last line.
    I would say thanks but no thanks, I am good here.😁.

    You very much surprised me here as I did not read the title first.


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  2. Great poem! But …
    I don’t believe death is our final destination!
    This is not philosophy … this is physics!!! Albert Einstein himself!
    The First LAW of Thermodynamics
    Energy cannot be created or destroyed … only transformed!
    We have a β€˜life force’ of energy and frequencies.
    So! Where does our β€˜life force’ go when our Body dies?
    Maybe, to a new better life journey!

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