Pain is pain

Every time you’re hurt,
You keep coming,
Your heart,
is a heart,
Others have machines,
just running.

I’m sick of these guess games,
Haven’t you got any other to blame?
Please, stop these claims,
Your agony is a result of,
your own flames.

Kept pushing me,
Whenever I offered help.
Now, when you are drowning in sea,
You choose to Yelp?

I too, have a soul,
But you kept digging hole,
Stop roaming around,
comparing loss or gain.
Regardless of intensity,
pain is pain.


81 thoughts on “Pain is pain

  1. Kajal, very nicely said, it have a penetrating realism to me! Love is a high-wire dance these days as there are so many distractions and too many fish in the sea as they say! People are fickle and most are not so loyal to put in the hard work and commitment through all difficulties or circumstances; they too quickly throw in the towel and say move-on! Perhaps in modern times we have gained so many β€œthings” but lost β€œgenuine heart felt love” in the process; a very bad trade off indeed! I would like to be in the old times I sometimes think, but then again who am I kidding I’m so spoiled by these conveniences I’ve become a slave to! But, alas I still do believe and dream of pure unrelenting love, it is so like a unicorn not to be seen, is so extremely rare, also like a very delicate butterfly, so not like this modern world!!!

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      1. You are so correct; and honesty is the best policy to live by but sadly in today’s world there is too much imitation or insincerity always being in a hurry! Hey at least you and I agree with each other! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

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  2. ‘….Please, stop these claims,Β 
    Your agony is a result of,Β 
    your own flames..’

    This is so poignant, but pain is pain
    Love the way you write so elegantly always!
    This is really amazing Kajal.

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