Sky is gray,
Everything dead and dry.
Losing my way,
Wind’s blowing high.

No leaves, no grass,
No beauty, no flowers.
Crystal-clear glass,
Everything is under
White shower.

Abandoning beautiful nests,
Birds flying away.
Avoiding guests,
Doing nothing all day.

Papers are Lifeless,
No ink left in printer.
Snow seems priceless,
Oh! It’s winter.



Just, a war..

86 thoughts on “Winter

  1. All seems calm and clear for a long distance…
    Bright and shiny, sky is giving surface a chance.
    Even though it’s windy and cold, but I want to go out a bit…
    Let me just grab my jacket and coffee, just give me a minute.
    Look at that red maple tree with snow, all leaves did disappear…
    What a beautiful day and i miss you as winter is here.

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  2. Implied and inferred rarely match and that is O.K. when when viewed from different emotions. I enjoyed reading your work again, Thank you for sharing it.

    The hollow silence of winter for most can feel caustic and haunting but for me its like a perfect time to take a sacred stroll in heaven with your own soul…void of all the noise and humanistic chaos. The only thing that would make it more perfect is to be accompanied by a beautiful flower to converse with in each step. ; ) .

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      1. Winter also affords us the chance to lay down and make snow angles too, unless its too cold, but even then then, there is always the moments embraced in front of a warm fire dancing with colors and dreams written in whispers.

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  3. Winter – the greyness of the day often cold and uncoloured, light and warmth in this season we’ve lost – only warmth moved into homes where hugs and love reside, to lay by the fire where the warmth of love can not hide… a beautiful post about winter.. I loved it.. knowing that the dimensions of love move into a more personal space in winter πŸ™πŸ½πŸ˜Š

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