Words bleed out of my mouth
without my concern,
Keep leaving this body
with no hint of return.

I’m the master
of breaking my own heart,
with weird thoughts
and shattered hope
I keep tearing myself apart.

You can see me
painting canvas,
but it’s not me.
My scars are on exhibition
I don’t want them to be.

People come to me
You’re art inside out.
I can’t help,
I just wonder and doubt.


89 thoughts on “Exhibition

  1. It’s a funny and paradoxical thing. Those scars we don’t want others to see might never fully heal unless they were exhibited, and yet at the same time they create the capability to for new wounds. We all really are such “masters”! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. None of us really want our scars shown as if they represent who we are however those of us who are judged by them don’t need or want the judge anyways. We do need to be found and accepted for who we really are, scars and all secondary to that. Peoples actions towards others and myself speaks volumes to me as who they unconsciously are, not scars endured- healed or not. Well written my friend…

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  3. Yes Kajal, art like life is a struggle, at times flowing with abandonment and other times twisting and pulling us apart. You led me to think deeply about the artist in general and the one in myself; and I see like all humans we are self-destructive partly because we can’t help it not being absolute, and other times because we are in a turmoil of struggling to be free of all stress and cares so we let it all out and like our life sustaining blood it flows to the ground for naught. But, the truly inspired artist never quits and knows that seeking to express the passion and heart within is far better than wilting away like a flower that never saw the day! Blessings to you in sharing your expressions and insights! You make me smile!!! πŸ™‚
    Fellow Artist,

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      1. Of course Kajal, see how we both make each other smile and such a big beautiful set of smiles we have!!! Let’s keep doing that as often as we can and being the good souls we can be for God as we move along on our paths sharing insights, knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, fellowship and friendship! Peace to you and abundant blessings to You and Yours! Amen.
        Your Friend,


  4. Scars to me are a thing of beauty. They serve as both a portal to who we really are, as well as a message to others that we have been hurt in the past but came out of it stronger than ever. Displaying scar tissue through our art makes it so much more meaningful to me, and hopefully others.
    Wonderful poem, thanks for sharing it with us!

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