Hello everyone,

Yesterday I got a notification from WordPress about crossing 5k, of course it made me happy but I really didn’t believe it until one of my friends sent me a screenshot.
Numbers never really mattered ( because I suck at maths and I am fan of puns xD) but today they does and I can’t explain in words how much they matter.
Past few months have been weird and you won’t believe, some days blog was my only motivation to not to give up.
Thank you all for believing in me, always encouraging and checking on me ( I have read all the mails and I couldn’t be more grateful).
Thank you for being here at times when I couldn’t.❤

107 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. It’s ok to think about giving up. FOR A MOMENT. Then you realize it always gets better. Maybe not the next day. But writing makes you get the bad out. And it seems like you need to get the bad out. You will surly learn that you are not alone in anything. Someone will always be able to relate to whatever you are feeling. And we all want to know we connect to someone somewhere. Your post are amazing. Girl keep writing and feeling. We’ve been there and we understand. Congrats on 5k

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  2. “some days blog was my only motivation to not to give up” totally get that :). Keep your blog as a constant as much as you can. But don’t feel bad when you can’t. Congratulations! 5000 in a year is impressive.

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  3. So happy for you my friend. I know what you mean about the feeling of belonging. The community really does support and helps us all I believe. Thank you for your wonderful posts and your support as well. Love ❤️ Joni

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  4. That’s great!
    It feels good when you see such number of followers.
    Well, I most likely would be there, too, but I switched from blog to self-hosted website and, thus, lost a few thousands. I sort of don’t care too much.
    Quantitative way is the easiest way to determine reach. However, comments show that these are followers who like what they read in your blog.
    Congratulations! Happy holidays!

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