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I learned his past
desires to fly,
The way he sounds
when his demons cry.

His scent,
Love, was divine.
I wanted to claim and
make him mine.

Under the moonlight,
on heart’s call,
I was ready to breakdown
my heart’s wall.

Everything was perfect
and fine,
until I came to know
he was dying to
call me his lifeline.

I witnessed a love,
nearly perfect.
My locality was
dancing under a special effect.

My soul was empty
and heart
full of doubt,
Over the rainfall
I ended up
choosing drought.

Pushed him away
was afraid of being healed,
Here I am,
with my high shield.

Trust issues

I have trusted

the rain

to heal

the pain

To feel the freshness

of early spring.

I have trusted

the tornados

To Calm down

my soul

To clean the wrecked

pieces of memories.



I have some serious

Trust issues.

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when we met
for the first time,
Around me,
I felt little chime.

Your deep blue eyes,
Made my love to arise.
You had the face
I have never seen,
Felt like you are the one,
and had always been.

I felt your scent
while we did high five,
I think I was barely alive.
We ate,
laughed and
lived a dance,
I am sure,
I want to take
another chance.

Somewhere between
the love and magic,
Our first meeting
was really classic.