Best Friend

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I am amazed by your support. Thank you so much. So, today I am here to introduce you all with my best friend.

Sanjay Monga , he is my best friend, writer, poet, blogger and an amazing YouTuber.

I want y’all to check his YouTube channel and witness his talent.

I would be glad if you can help him to grow. 😇

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when we met
for the first time,
Around me,
I felt little chime.

Your deep blue eyes,
Made my love to arise.
You had the face
I have never seen,
Felt like you are the one,
and had always been.

I felt your scent
while we did high five,
I think I was barely alive.
We ate,
laughed and
lived a dance,
I am sure,
I want to take
another chance.

Somewhere between
the love and magic,
Our first meeting
was really classic.


I looked at him
while crying,
I knew
there was no use of trying.
You left and moved
towards the wood,
And I stood there,
like you said I should.
Every path I take is black,
I wonder if you ever
going to come back?
Whenever these roads
try to threaten me,
I wish upon him,
but never came he.
I know you closed every door
which led you my way,
I still keep my hopes high
for another day.


along the shoreline,
my heart felt fine.
The vast sea
gave me a gift,
a Seashell
touched my wrist.
My restless soul
felt a cry
to be heard,
I started to listen a song
without any word.
There, I discovered
a long lost story of
In a blink of eye,
my mate left
with the wave.

Darkness of Sun

The sun is gone, now it’s dawn.

Room is dark and full of scars.

Wind is blowing, feels like hollowing.

Covering everything with a smile, I am hopeless I fail to deny.

Trying too hard to cover the scars, still very scared of the blasts.

Thoughts are embedded all over the floor, feels like someone is peeking through the door.


Sun will come along with rays and I’ll adjust myself for another day.

The Pond

We were there, under the moonlight.
Close to the pond, feeding fishes.
I called your name thrice,
Tried to melt the ice, asked you to walk with me,
But you refused.

I was not done falling in love,
Tried to fill the gaps,
Stared the pond and looked at you,
You were calm,
Unaffected by storm, lost in the charm.

I decided to move, walked few steps,
Hoping to see you melt, when I turned back,
You were still there,
Glued to the desk,
Still lost,
Still unaffected,
And that’s where I lost!