I was told to,
not to speak,
He was saving me like,
I was antique.

This was strange,
but love made me felt okay,
Still was confused,
if he wants me to stay or take my life away.

He took me to a palace,
and made me dress up like Alice.
The place was beautiful and huge,
He knew,
I was uncomfortable with crowd,
Was I human or a stooge?

I wanted to leave him and run away,
His eyes made me feel like a prey.
When I wanted him to stop
or scream my fears,
He claimed it love,
like all the previous years.


Death’s poem

You shall see me,

Where these horizons meet.

Stay here, quite,

Please, have a seat.

To end your sufferings,

I have come a long way.

I promise to take your pain

Sorrows and all desires away.

You have served the sphere,

During these days.

You still are unaware,

Of world’s greatest ways.

Don’t strain, come,

Accept these vacations.

Oh, mortal!

I, indeed, am the final destination.

_ Death.


In middle of forest,

I got lost.

And was afraid

of getting roast.

Danger was floating near,

There was a scent

of constant fear.

Then, I saw him,

One, with, big brown eyes.

Who have overcome

the sea of lies.

The one,

who runs and leap,

between the trees.

The wild and free,

was there for me.

Mermaid’s Tale

I met this guy on the shore,
He was cool, funny
and something more.
Bright ocean blue eyes
and a strong jawline,
With a height, almost fine.

Golden hair, perfect lips,
He was roaming
around the ships.
Due to shore’s haze
My whole body shuddered
under his gaze.

He motioned towards me
and opened his arms,
For the first time,
I really felt protected,
safe and warm.

He stayed for few days
and I was all his,
Ocean was warning me,
through the fizz.

I started to believe in love
He gifted me a pair of dove.
He believed in dreams,
so I gave him a dream catcher,
Was not aware,
he was a snatcher.

During one night,
we were sitting on the rock,
This time,
Instead of me he was staring at the clock.
I knew a mermaid
was not allowed to fall
But this love
really was moon’s call.

Ripping ocean’s lap,
He left with his ship,
And I still miss him
with every flip.


I learned his past
desires to fly,
The way he sounds
when his demons cry.

His scent,
Love, was divine.
I wanted to claim and
make him mine.

Under the moonlight,
on heart’s call,
I was ready to breakdown
my heart’s wall.

Everything was perfect
and fine,
until I came to know
he was dying to
call me his lifeline.

I witnessed a love,
nearly perfect.
My locality was
dancing under a special effect.

My soul was empty
and heart
full of doubt,
Over the rainfall
I ended up
choosing drought.

Pushed him away
was afraid of being healed,
Here I am,
with my high shield.

Trust issues

I have trusted

the rain

to heal

the pain

To feel the freshness

of early spring.

I have trusted

the tornados

To Calm down

my soul

To clean the wrecked

pieces of memories.



I have some serious

Trust issues.

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